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Why you should put sex in your diary

One of the most common reasons for a married couple's sex life to collapse is that 'we just don't have time.'

Particularly when bringing up children or trying to sustain two careers, couples often find that sex comes a distant third to those two. Having children in the house, even on the other side of a locked bedroom door, can kill libido while the stress of work often means one or both of you are too tired or stressed for sex.

My wife and I found this when we were both working. Get home at 6.30pm, cook and eat the evening meal, wash up, collapse in front of the TV, go to bed (facing away from each other), fall asleep, wake up at 6am, get up, work, repeat ad infinitum. It doesn't take long for sex to become 'one of those things we used to do years ago, before life got in the way.'

And then it becomes a case of 'use it or lose it.' The less sex you have, the less interested you are in having sex. At which point, too many couples give up completely. …

Enjoy life - in whatever way suits you

I have great regard for people who are honest about their sexuality and their sexual preferences. My approach to sexuality has always been that as long as it involves consenting adults, I don't really care what other people get up to.

It may not be something that I want to try, but I completely understand that we are all wired differently, especially stroke survivors, so it's not for me to impose my sexual preferences on you, or to express outrage at your sexual preferences.

Consequently, I am friends with plenty of lesbian and male gay couples and while I could never do male anal sex (I think.....), I am not going to think any less of you if that's what floats your boat.

I am very good friends with people who have been involved in swinging for many years; again, it's not for me, but I'll fiercely uphold your right to do it yourself.

Until recently, however, I'd never come into contact with anyone who was involved in polyamory (defined in the Cambridge English …