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Pornography and the stroke-survivor - a good thing?

On a post last week for my other blog, The Naked Strokie (, if you fancy a look), I mentioned how easy it is to find pornography on the internet these days.

I did so because I was surmising that the audience statistics for that naturist blog were being boosted by people randomly Googling 'naked' while searching for porn. I took the view that I didn't really care how people found that blog, as long as they did.

So why doesn't this blog have a more striking, keyword-friendly, title? I could have chosen 'The Sexual Strokie' or 'The Sexy Strokie'. But I wanted this blog to appeal to stroke-survivors (and others, obviously) who see themselves as sensual, but for whom sex is a struggle. They may be in need of a new sexual partner, their libido may have taken a dive post-stroke - they may still feel sensual, but words like 'sexy' or 'sexual' may be putting unnecessary pressure on them.

I'd be interested to know…

The benefits of honesty - and a full and frank debate

It's well-known that having a stroke affects your libido. I've mentioned several times already in this blog how sex-drive can go dramatically up or down, depending on which area of the brain has been affected.

I've also admitted that mine has gone up drastically. This week, I was confronted with the consequences of that. Not only has my sex-drive increased, it's also changed. Changed to the point where my biggest sexual fantasy involves taking part in homosexual oral sex.

Yes, sucking a penis and having my own cock sucked to orgasm by another man. For someone who has been resolutely heterosexual throughout his life (and loves heterosexual oral sex), this is quite a revelation.

But what to do about it? Gay porn sites don't do it for me and anyway, anything on the internet which involves sex comes with an element of risk. I am fortunate enough to have a female friend who is a stroke-survivor who has enjoyed a similarly drastic upswing and change in her libido. Since …