Pornography and the stroke-survivor - a good thing?

On a post last week for my other blog, The Naked Strokie (, if you fancy a look), I mentioned how easy it is to find pornography on the internet these days.

I did so because I was surmising that the audience statistics for that naturist blog were being boosted by people randomly Googling 'naked' while searching for porn. I took the view that I didn't really care how people found that blog, as long as they did.

So why doesn't this blog have a more striking, keyword-friendly, title? I could have chosen 'The Sexual Strokie' or 'The Sexy Strokie'. But I wanted this blog to appeal to stroke-survivors (and others, obviously) who see themselves as sensual, but for whom sex is a struggle. They may be in need of a new sexual partner, their libido may have taken a dive post-stroke - they may still feel sensual, but words like 'sexy' or 'sexual' may be putting unnecessary pressure on them.

I'd be interested to know how many of those people use internet porn - either as a masturbation aid or as somewhere they can find ideas which will help improve their sex drive. I'll be honest and admit that I use porn, primarily for the second of those reasons, but also for the first when I need to..

When you've been married as long as my wife and I, sex can easily become a bit 'vanilla.' You know, last thing at night, under the sheets with me on top, thrusting and grunting away until I cum. But when you've had a stroke, you quickly realise that life is to be experienced and enjoyed and 'vanilla' is not enough.

Since we started using porn (and yes, since my erection became much less reliable as a result of my stroke), we now enjoy a lot more oral sex - that process was helped by getting used to seeing it on porn sites. We use toys a lot more now - vibrators, dildos, blindfolds and light bondage using silk wraps - we were encouraged in that by seeing them in porn films. We will take to the bedroom at any hour of the day - sex doesn't have to be at 11pm and anyway, my erection is more reliable in the mornings. That idea came from watching porn films where the scenes took place (allegedly) in mid-morning.

And, of course, we now enjoy sex in a much wider variety of positions. No longer is 'me on top' sufficient. My wife goes on top so that I can play with her breasts, I come from behind (and with a vibrator, as well) so that she can feel a different sort of sensation around her vagina, we lie side-by-side (either with our genitals together or for oral sex). All of these ideas have become part of our repertoire because of porn. It's also given us ideas for things we would never do in person, but which now play a big part in our respective fantasies.

We have also discovered what we don't like. Anal sex is an absolute no-no for us; we'd never get involved in a threesome (or more); my wife doesn't particularly like the taste of semen, although I can lick lady-juice all night.

So porn has its' uses for us. We would whole-heartedly recommend it for both reasons mentioned above - as a masturbation aid and as a means of exploring new ideas. It may not be for everyone - but if your sex life is different to what it was as a result of suffering a stroke, what harm can there be in trying it?


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