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Sex and sunshine - a great combination

As I write, Britain is in the grip of that rare meteorological phenomenon, more than one day of warm sunshine. The temperature was in the high-70s yesterday and today and unless the forecasters have it spectacularly wrong, it will be tomorrow, as well.

In this country, that counts as an extended warm spell. And it's undoubtedly true that in warmer weather, people's thoughts turn to sex. We tend to wear less clothes (or if you are naturists, like my wife and I, wear none at all) and however the more old-fashioned type of naturist wants to think of it, wearing less/no clothes does turn the mind to sex.

And warm weather raises the spirits of a stroke-survivor, as well. I'm on a regular dose of blood-thinners, which reduce the probability of dangerous blood-clots forming but which also have the effect of reducing blood-temperature. I have been known to sit in our favourite pub in a scarf and thick coat at the end of May, when the weather wasn't that cold. It's not con…