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Taking something up for Lent

One of my mantras since I started this blog has been the need to get creative if you want to keep your sex life going as a stroke-survivor.

Straightforward penis-in-vagina penetration under the bedclothes at 11pm on a Friday is not going to cut it - even assuming that penetration is possible, which it might not be. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for male stroke survivors, either as a direct result of their brain damage, or as a side-effect of their post-stroke medication.

So, creativity is essential - and Mrs SS and I have decided to get creative for Lent. Yes, rather than giving something up, we are taking something up. Thanks to a friend who knows an awful lot about sexual creativity, we have a list of ways to achieve sexual arousal which specifically does not include pornography, either in film or book form.

At the moment, our (or rather, our friend's) list is 60 items long and we are looking for more. It ranges from ideas like writing and reading erotica, nipple play…