Planting the seeds for your sexual bucket list

I've talked previously in this blog about how many stroke-survivors are left with an attitude of wanting to 'seize the day' when it comes to sex.

Yes, there are many of us who find that our sex-drive has diminished or collapsed completely as a result of our brain damage. But there are also those (I don't know how the figures break down; I really should find out) who have been left with a dramatically increased sex drive. People who were previously 'vanilla' when it came to sex suddenly find themselves wanting to try new and seemingly exotic things, just to find out if they like them. If they do, it's a new experience they've enjoyed as part of the second chance they have had at life; if they don't, at least they know they don't like it and they won't do it again.

I am firmly in the latter camp; resolutely heterosexual before my stroke, I now find myself harbouring a desire to play with a penis. This desire doesn't extend to wanting anal sex, but simply to feel an erect cock in my hands, in my mouth and on my tongue and yes, if it happened, to taste cum. I have no idea where this has originated from but I have recently mentioned it to Mrs Sensual Strokie and received a pleasingly sympathetic hearing.

We haven't yet worked out the logistics of how and when and where this could happen, but we are both certain that we want it to happen. It got me thinking about the subject of sexual bucket lists; what sexual activities would you like to try before you die?

I was talking to a friend about this yesterday and she rapidly came up with a list of 13 - some, such as not having to get dressed after sex, or having sex in the rain or in a hot tub, we've already done (we have been naturists for 25 years), but others, such as a threesome, are more contentious. Would you? Could you? As with all things sexual, if you have a bucket list, talk about it with your partner. For years, I shied away from mentioning my desire to suck a cock because I was scared of the reaction. In the end, the reaction was positive and at some point in the future, when the time is right, that may well happen; at least the seed has been planted, if you will forgive the pun.

What's on your sexual bucket list? It doesn't have to be a list as long as your arm, just something you've yet to experience in the wide world of sex. Not many of the things on my friend's list of 13 were exotic or outrageous; they just required a bit of imagination. And as the brain is perhaps our most important sexual organ, whether damaged or not, why not use your brain's imagination?


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